Sherman Library Application Continues!

A new application for the expansion of the Sherman Library on their very difficult space was accepted by the Commission. Engineer Paul Szymanski gave some of the highlights of the new plan but the complete explanation will take place at the public hearing. Mr. Szymanski stressed that there had been five meetings between him and Mr. Cooper and Town Engineer Joe Zarecki and that all are very pleased with the new plan.
The only issue that is still not completely decided is the use of pervious asphalt in the plan. Mr. Cooper explained that this is still new technology and that Szymanski -Cooper —Zarecki plan to drive to New Hampshire to see an example on the ground before making a final decision within the next two weeks. Beneath the asphalt are thirty inches of sub-layers and then special soil but this will help with reducing the runoff.
Part of the new plan requires the library to deed some land to the Town so that Saw Mill Road can be widened adjacent to the Old Store from 17 feet to 24 feet thereby matching the rest of the road. This will require a Town Meeting for the Town to accept the additional land.
The wall will be shortened and reduced to 4 feet in height by lowering the parking lot and there will be one way circulation for the driveway from east to west. The exit is moved and there will be another stop sign.
After some discussion the application is set for public hearing at the regular meeting on February 4 provided that there is a final decision about the pervious asphalt. The Zoning Board of Appeals has approved five variances for the application.
– From the January 13, 2010 Citizen News

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