President’s Message

picture of Paul SzymanskiAs we enter into a New Year and a new President the continuing theme of “change” is seen on the global, national and local level.  Everywhere we look we see that times have “changed” due to our nation’s current economic uncertainties.  Even our firm has recently experienced “change,” by moving to the renovated Farley Building at 30 Bridge Street in New Milford, Connecticut.

One thing that has not and will not “change” is our commitment to our clients.  As we have always done in the past, we look beyond creating a generic design that secures approval for your project.  Instead, we strive to develop a long term business relationship with our clients, one where we challenge ourselves daily to value engineer your vision.  Whether it be building your first house or a large retail complex, our goal is the same: Create a project that you can be proud of in the most cost effective manner possible.  Before we start the design process we sit down and meet with you to fully understand your “needs” and “wants” as they relate to your project in order to determine the framework from which we will design.  As we proceed with each phase of your project, we fully communicate various options to you, particularly those that create value.  Once a project is completed, we then sit down with you to examine how the project has evolved.  First and foremost, we examine how we created value for your project.  Second, we examine our strengths and weaknesses as it related to your project and determine together how we can better serve you on a future project.

Yes, we admit we have weaknesses… all land use firms do.  By recognizing our weaknesses, we are able to learn from them and make ourselves a stronger and more complete firm.

Whether you are requiring land use services for the first time or a seasoned developer, I ask that you contact us so that we may make your next project as successful as it can be.


Paul S. Szymanski, P.E.