Work/Life Balance

picture of howland employeeAt Arthur H. Howland & Associates, P.C. we realize that an employee’s personal life does indeed come first.  As part of our commitment to that end, our employees only work a 40 hour work week.  Overtime is compensated at 1.5 times an employee’s normal wage per hour as we realize that someone working overtime is more than likely missing out on something at home.

We realize that one’s life may not be fully compatible with the typical 9 to 5 day.  That is okay.  We understand that some people are early risers and some are not.  We understand that some people need to get their children on the bus in the morning and others need to get out early to socialize with their friends.  Upon joining our team, we sit down and develop a work schedule that balances your needs at home with those of the office.

Upon joining the firm we immediately stock our kitchen with your favorite food and drink.  It is even okay for you to sample other employee’s favorites as well.  Fresh fruit is stocked weekly along with Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.  It is our goal for our employees to feel at home and stocking our pantry with your favorites is one way to achieve that goal.

We understand that you are more comfortable in blue jeans than a suit and tie.  As such, we allow you to dress casually and only dress up on the days of a “big meeting.”