Shelton, CT House Approved & Ready for Construction!

Chelton, CT Plot Plan
Shelton, CT Plot Plan

Our firm helped obtain approvals for a 3 bedroom house located at East Village Road in Shelton, Connecticut.  Our firm provided all of the necessary field work including soils testing, topography and surveying necessary to obtain approvals.  We also provided all civil engineering and design work including the drive design, septic system design, proposed house location with associated grading, etc.

A detailed sightline analysis was required as part of the approval process by the Town Engineer.  In order to perform a sightline analysis we perform detailed topography along the adjacent road.  We then make profiles of the existing topography in both directions to ensure that the minimum sightline requirements are met.  If they are not, then we will provide adjustments by either altering the grade or proposing the removal of trees. 

Sight Line Analysis Plan
Sight Line Analysis Plan

 The actual sightline analysis plan is attached for you to get a better understanding of what is involved.

Our firm performed the following services for this project: Property Survey, Topographic Survey, Hydrology & Stormwater Management, Stormwater System Design, Sedimentation & Erosion Control Plans, Septic System Design, Sanitary Sewer Design, Utility Layout, Driveway Design, Sight Distance Analysis, Soil Investigation & Testing, Local, State, & Federal Land Use Permitting. Contact us today at (860) 354-9346 to have us assist you with your next project.

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