Riverfront Ruminations

Our firm was responsible for writing the Housatonic Riverfront Zone and hope for approval of the Regulation so that we may apply to further develop The Bleachery at 143 West Street in New Milford, Connecticut.

We are also representing Still River Real Estate, LLC (Proposed Health Club at 10 Still River Drive) and Four Hundred Seven Kent Road, LLC (Operational Area Expansion to Lajoie’s New Milford Auto Wrecking at 407 Kent Road) who also have applications currently before the Town of New Milford Zoning Commission.

Our firm performed the following services for these projects: Property Survey, Topographic Survey, Zoning Location Survey, Hydrology & Stormwater Management, Stormwater System Design, Sedimentation & Erosion Control Plans, Sanitary Sewer Design, Utility Layout, Driveway Design, Sight Distance Analysis, Parking Lot Layout & Design, Traffic Circulation & Studies, Cuts & Fills Analysis, Low Impact Development, Wetland Soil & Watercourse Delineation, Soil Investigation & Testing, Local, State, & Federal Land Use Permitting. Contact us today at (860) 354-9346 to have us assist you with your next project.

The following article appeared in the June 12, 2009 issue of The Housatonic Times and was written by Alice Tessier:

“The New Milford Zoning Commission closed its public hearing on the proposed Housatonic riverfront zone (HRZ) amendment Tuesday and has 65 days from that date to determine whether to add this means to “encourage redevelopment and adaptive reuse of properties” along a portion of the river to the town’s regulations.

The proposal had been made by Harold Fischel, who is seeking a special permit mixed-use (residential-retail) opportunity for his bleachery property on West Street, which would be up to 50 percent residential.

Members of the Economic Development Commission indicated their panel’s “unanimous” support of the proposed amendment, as previously noted, and conservation and land trust representatives reiterated the need for protection of the river and its flood plain, the establishment of strict standards regarding the riverfront area and, with the town’s current updating of its plan of conservation and development, a townwide perspective that addresses development and redevelopment as well as environmental protection.

The zoners scheduled a public hearing on a new definition of “floor area,” which would relate to the Fischel proposal, for July 28… The zoners were introduced to a proposal for an indoor sports complex at 10 Still River Road.

Still River Real Estate, LLC is seeking a special permit and site plan approval to construct a 21,887-square-foot, single-story facility on the 1.37-acre vacant lot, which does not contain any wetlands.

Professional engineer Paul Szymanski, on behalf of the applicants, noted that the subdivision had originally been approved as an industrial zone but never developed and that the setbacks of the industrial zone would be applied. The site would have 100 parking spaces and a bike rack.

Among other business, the zoners continued to receive and request information regarding a site plan modification request by Four Hundred Seven Kent Road LLC and Joieseekers, LLC. The applicants are seeking to undertake changes at the motor vehicle wrecking and salvage yard but not changes of usage, which would require that the proposal go to a public hearing. Residents in the area of the business have been urging the commission at recent meetings, including Tuesday’s, to open this to a public hearing. The Baxter family told the zoners this week that they are “being penalized by the decision of prior zoning commissions in not being allowed a public hearing” on this matter and indicated their distress that the business owner “has succeeded in making changes to his property” without the zoning board’s strictest scrutiny.

The board is scheduled to make its decision on this proposal by June 23.”

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