Dannen Project Continues …

In other business, commission­ers took up issues on two proper­ties owned by Chris and Teresa Dannen. The Dannens want to build a house on property at Apple Lane and South Street and are seek­ing a lot line revision.

Last month, commissioners learned the size of the proposed house had been reduced from 3,500 square feet to 1,800 square feet. The length of driveway was reduced by 250 feet. The pool was reduced to 60 percent of its original size and the patio was reduced to half of its original size. An accessory structure has been taken out of the plans.

Commissioners Pat O’Conner and Rob Horrigan walked the site on July 21 and came back with two questions for Engineer Paul Szymanski of Arthur H. Howland and Associates, who represents the Dannens. Near the new driveway, specifi­cally where it curves, Commis­sioners O’Conner and Horrigan noticed a “spongy, damp area which appeared at the head of a swale.” Could this be wetlands, they wondered? Mr. Szymanski did not believe so and reviewed the wetlands and the test pit maps.

Mr. Szymanski and the com­missioners agreed that the soil scientists should look at this sec­tion and see if it is just the con­tinuation of the swale or some­thing else. The commission expects to receive a letter answering this question, before the next meet­ing. Commissioners also were con­cerned about the tight lot area; there is not a lot of room for error. Blasting is needed for the deep end of the pool and that area is close to wetlands.

Commissioners asked that the area be clearly marked during the construction process. The commission agreed to the Dannens’ request for an exten­sion for this project.

Last month, commissioners learned that trees had been cleared in a regulated area-on property the Dannens own at 71 South Street. The Dannens were asked to return this month with the landscaping plan and maps. Commissioner O’Conner and Mr. Szymanski conducted a site visit, focusing on the proximity to the wetlands and the specifics of the landscaping plan. Commissioners were given pic­tures of what the landscaping plan in the southeast corner will entail. Twelve spruce trees will be planted along the property line. The only excavation needed is the removal of six inches of fill. Commissioners reviewed the maps and photographs and approved the project as a regu­lated activity.

By Tammy-McVey Camilleri – Voices News

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