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picture of surveyorsProperty Survey Map is typically the most comprehensive type of survey needed for residential purposes and the only type of survey (with the exception of an ALTA Survey) that depicts or notes all the important issues of record and related field locations that may affect the possible future use of the subject property. A property survey may sometimes be referred to as ahome survey, house survey or lot survey. The land surveyor performs a conscientious review of all available research and mapping to render a professional opinion as to the location of property lines. Any existing boundary line discrepancies with adjoining properties would be disclosed during the course of a Property Survey. Occasionally, extensive town hall records research is required to establish the locations of these boundaries. A Property Survey is the only type of survey that is not “qualified” in some respect, meaning that it depicts all the issues mentioned above along with all improvements on the subject property and also does not show reliance on a map previously prepared by another surveyor with respect to the boundaries.

In many cases, property corner marking and property line staking cannot be provided until a current survey of the property is performed. In addition, a preliminary investigation of the subject property must be made in order to determine the validity of all existing property lines from the map used to generate them. Relying on another surveyor’s map to stake property lines can be risky and may result in a boundary dispute with your neighbor. This point is made because there are actually many defective survey maps recorded within a municipality’s local records. A thorough evaluation of field locations and records research is always recommended and should always be made prior to the setting of any physical boundary markers or stakes. It is also recommended that a Property Survey Map or Perimeter Boundary Survey Map, that is suitable for filing at the local land records office, be created by the land surveyor once the subject property is surveyed and property lines are clearly established. Once this map is created, it should then be filed at the local land records office to serve notice to the public, as well as, other land surveyors that your property boundaries have been both mapped and staked.

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