Stormwater System

Services: Stormwater & Drainage System Design

picture of drainage system designDuring the design process of a site development plan, it is sometimes necessary to develop drainage systems for collecting and conveying concentrated surface runoff from an improved portion of a site in order to minimize property damage and “bad experiences” due to surface water ponding and puddling. While some surface water puddling is unavoidable during peak storms and the winter months, the functionality and adequacy of a stormwater system really comes down to the placement, capacity, and maintenance of the various components of the system.

The engineers at Arthur H. Howland & Associates, P.C. recognize that most people don’t like getting their feet wet when exiting a car or jumping over puddles to enter a building. Whether you are designing a building addition, your dream house, or a large scale commercial facility, we analyze and design each and every site in order to provide a cost effective stormwater system that not only functions to minimize surface runoff ponding but is also easy to maintain. Our engineers perform the necessary calculations and analysis to ensure that all drainage structures and piping are of adequate size and capacity to ensure that every visit to your project is a pleasurable one.

Whether you are experiencing surface drainage problems on an existing site or looking to build on a new property, we can help you design a cost effective, low maintenance stormwater system that works. Contact us at (860) 354-9346 to discuss how Arthur H. Howland & Associates, P.C. can lend their many years of stormwater system design experience and expertise to your next land use project.

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