Economic Development Regulations & Applications: Winchester, Connecticut (CT)

The Town of Winchester promotes economic development by offering the following incentives and programs:

Winchester Enterprise Zone Guide
This guide details the Winchester Enterprise Zone (WEZ) program and how it can assist your business.

Winchester Enterprise Zone Highlights
This document provides a summary of the highlights of the Winchester Enterprise Zone (WEZ) program.

Winchester Enterprise Zone Pre-Application
This is the pre-application packet for a business that would like to apply for the Winchester Enterprise Zone.

Winchester Rowley Road / Torrington Road Corridor Study
In September 2008, the Town provided an analysis and associated recommendations of the potential development of the Rowley Road / Torrington Road Corridor. This document is the actual study that was performed.

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Please note that you should always contact the Town of Litchfield to determine if the Regulations and/or application forms have recently changed.