Thanks from Temple Sholom

 On September 21, 2008, Paul S. Szymanski, President of Arthur H. Howland & Associates, P.C., spent the afternoon with 30 children from Temple Sholom in New Milford, Connecticut.  The children were studying archaeology and Mr. Szymanski sent up an authentic grid system and showed the children how the locations of artifacts were located.  All students received an “official” Arthur H. Howland & Associates engineering scale and all left with a smile on their face.


The director of the Temple Sholom Education Program, Ms. Jeanette Lazer, comments:

Thanks for being a part of our Sunday morning at Temple Sholom.  You gave our exploration of archaeology some tangible credibility.  The kids were excited by your presentation, as were the adults who were able to look through the equipment.  It was kind of you to bring rulers for all.  It’s nice to nice to know you can call someone in a small town you never met, and you know they will extend a helping hand.  We’re most appreciative!”

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