Zoning Location Surveys

Services: Zoning Location Surveys

zoning location surveyMany municipalities may require the submission of aZoning Location Survey Map for residential construction on a single lot. A Zoning Location Survey Map shows the location of an existing or proposed improvement with regard to the local municipal building setback requirements. This type of map may be used as a plot plan to obtain variances or permits or as an as-built map to obtain a certificate of occupancy.

The primary purpose of a Zoning Location Survey is to demonstrate compliance or non-compliance with any applicable zoning setback requirements. As such, aZoning Location Survey may only depict a portion of a property.  The only improvement that needs be shown on a Zoning Location Survey Map is the existing or proposed improvement that is the focus of zoning compliance. The intended purpose of the Zoning Location Survey and the scope of the improvements depicted are commonly clarified in notes, unless they are clearly represented on the map.

The Arthur H. Howland & Associates, P.C. team of land surveyors has a great deal of experience in performing and mapping Zoning Location Surveys. Contact us at (860) 354-9346 so that we can work with you to determine whether or not a Zoning Location Survey is right for your project.

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