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route surveyRoute Survey involves the location of roadways, utilities, watercourses, property lines, man-made structures, natural features, and topographic information along a roadway or utility Right of Way. The data collected during a Route Survey is compiled and used to generate a Route Survey Map that meets an “A-2” standard of accuracy. Typically, reference points and a reference line known as a baseline are provided on a Route Survey Map to set a basis for future design and construction along the Right of Way.

Route Survey Map occasionally may serve as a final map for future reference purposes regarding specific location along a roadway or utility line. Most times, however, Route Surveys are conducted to provide existing condition information along a roadway or utility Right of Way to serve as a basis for design of improvements along the Right of Way. Occasionally, Route Surveys are also used during public works projects to determine the extent in which the taking of land outside of a Right of Way is necessary to construct the public improvement.

By providing accurate information along a Right of Way, a Route Survey Map provides the design engineer with solid information that can be used to efficiently plan and design the vertical and horizontal geometry associated with roadway and utility improvements with minimal conflicts with existing structures and utilities. This results in construction projects that operate more smoothly with reduced need for design changes, change orders, and deadline extensions.

If you are involved with a project that involves improvements within a road or utility right of way or easement, it makes sense to have a Route Survey performed. The staff of Arthur H. Howland & Associates, P.C. has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge in performing detailed and accurate Route Surveys. Contact us at (860) 354-9346 so that we can discuss how we can provide cost effective Route Surveying solutions to your current or upcoming projects.

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