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road as-built surveyFollowing the construction of a new roadway or roadway where improvements have recently been made, many municipalities require that a Road As-Built Survey be performed and submitted prior to the roadway being accepted as a public road. The Road As-Built Survey Map, which displays the finished grade topography, as well as, all improvements made within the road Right of Way, is based on field data collected during and after construction and is generated to an “A-2” standard of accuracy. The Road As-Built Survey Map may include utility lines (i.e. gas, water, electric), sewer mains, drainage systems, and stormwater management areas constructed for stormwater quality and detention purposes. The inverts of all existing and installed pipes are also provided on the As-Built Map.

Prior to a roadway being accepted by a municipality, theRoad As-Built Survey is reviewed and compared to the roadway design plans that were approved by the municipality to ensure that the roadway was constructed according to the plans. If the municipality finds that the roadway was constructed as proposed on the approved design plans, then the road is accepted by the municipality as a public road.

The land surveying staff of Arthur H. Howland & Associates offers a great deal of experience and knowledge in providing accurate Road As-Built Surveys. If you are currently involved in the construction of a roadway that is intended to be dedicated to a municipality as a public road, you are most likely going to need a Road As-Built Survey which demonstrates that the road was constructed as proposed on the approved design plans. Contact us at (860) 354-9346 to discuss how our team of land surveyors can provide you with a cost-effective Road As-Built Survey that can get you started in the public road acceptance process.

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