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ALTA SurveyMany nation-wide Title (Insurance) Companies requestAmerican Land Title Association (ALTA) Survey maps for transactions of Commercial and Industrial Properties. An ALTA Survey is the most comprehensive type of survey performed and one that depicts or notes all important issues of record and related field locations that may affect the possible use of a property. There are strict standards for performing these surveys as well as an Item Checklist request form to consider. Costs can vary depending on the extensiveness of the checked items, but often greatly exceed the cost of a Property Survey. The high costs are attributed to the need for the land surveyor to perform sufficient work to render a professional opinion as to where the actual property boundaries are. Extensive town hall records research is often required to establish the locations of the boundaries. Any existing boundary line discrepancies with adjoining properties are disclosed during the course of the survey. Additional statements regarding what is and what is not depicted on the survey map are also generally required.

The survey staff at Arthur H. Howland & Associates, P.C. is well equipped to perform these highly detailed and demanding surveys. If you are interested in having an American Land Title Association (ALTA) Survey performed on your property, contact us at (860) 354-9346 to discuss how our experienced staff can help you perform this most detailed of surveys.

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