Septic System Feasibility

Services: Septic System Feasibility

Are you interested in subdividing a parcel of land? If sanitary sewer service is not available to the proposed development, then it is necessary to account for the construction of a septic system on each individual property to be created.  While it is not necessary to provide a fully designed septic system for each lot during the planning and approval stages of a subdivision, it must be demonstrated that septic systems are feasible on each lot.

Proving the feasibility of a septic system for a lot starts in much the same way as with a full design, with soil investigation and testing.  The State of Connecticut requires that a suitable number of percolation test holes and deep observation pits be dug in the area of the proposed leaching system.  Many municipalities require a total of four observation pits and two percolation tests.  This requirement allows for two deep observations pits and one percolation test to be dug in the area of the primary leaching system and two deep observation test pits and one percolation test to be dug in the area of the reserve leaching system. These soil observation test pits and percolations tests supply the constraints for the design and construction of the septic system. Typical design constraints include the maximum depth of the septic system leaching fields and the rate at which water moves through the soil.

The data collected during the soil investigation and testing is then used to determine the minimum size of the septic system that must be illustrated on the subdivision plans.  To complete the septic system feasibility plans, an approximate house location, driveway, and well, are shown in relation to the septic system. In addition, these plans also show the required size of the system and demonstrate that all required setbacks are met.  The septic system feasibility plans do not supply installed elevations, detailed grading, or installation details.

Whether you require a septic feasibility plan for personal use, planning, or a possible land acquisition, the staff of Arthur H. Howland & Associates, P.C. can customize septic system feasibility plans to the level of comfort and expense that you require.Contact us at (860) 354-9346 to discuss how we can help determine whether or not a property can suitably meet your septic system needs.

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