Floodplain Analysis

Services: Floodplain Studies & Analysis

picture of floodplainNo one needs reminders as to just how much damage has been done by floods in recent years. While the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides the public with useful mapping (Flood Insurance Rate Maps) that shows the general location and elevation of areas prone to flooding during the 100-year storm, there are circumstances when a property owner or developer may need a more accurate location of where the floodplain limits of a property actually are or whether or not their building is actually in the floodplain. There are also times where little to no floodplain information is available for a watercourse. In these instances, it may be necessary to model the watercourse to estimate the maximum flood elevation during a 100-year storm.

The civil engineering and land surveying staff here at Arthur H. Howland & Associates, P.C. offers a great deal of expertise in performing floodplain analyses and determining the floodplain boundaries of a site. Whether you are looking for an elevation certificate to determine if there is a need for flood insurance for a property with floodplain or you are looking to build on a site that contains areas of floodplain, we urge you to contact us at (860) 354-9346 to discuss how Arthur H. Howland & Associates, P.C. may be an asset to your current or upcoming floodplain project.

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