Connecticut Department of Public Health Subsurface Sewage Circulars

The State of Connecticut Department of Public Health produces circulars from time to time which aids in the interpretation of the Connecticut Public Health Code. If you have any questions in regards to the permitting process, please feel free to contact us at (860) 354-9346.

Please take a look at the various State of Connecticut Department of Public Health circulars as it relates to subsurface sewage disposal systems (septic systems):

Subsurface Disposal System Circular Letters
Circular Letter 1998-13 Septic Updates

Items covered include: 1. Approval of Ecoltube DR35 distribution pipe; 2. Approval of AEF480 filter fabric; 3. Approval of Zoeller septic tank outlet filters; 4. Approval of Equalizer flow control units for non level systems; 5. List of actions taken against licensed installers in 1997; 6. Approval of the Floating Outlet (FLOUT) distribution chamber; 7. Memo to building officials reminding them to comply with Section 19-13-B 1 00 and other health regulations.

Circular Letter 1999-19 Section 19-13-b100a Updates
Regulations that are covered in this letter are:
• Existing porches that are screened in
• Tearing down or rebuilding houses
• B100a: Soil testing regulations for the purpose of construction in regards to accessory structures: Mainly additions and expansions of existing decks
• Tearing down and rebuilding when the identical footprint exists
• Tearing down and rebuilding a house that is on the same foundation with other attachments
• Tearing down and rebuilding of formations that have or do not have additions on new foundations or diverse places
• Rooms that are located in the cellar 

Circular Letter 2000-01 Sewage updates
Revisions for Technical Standards, updated and effective in the year 2000:
• Changes for septic tanks in accordance with ASTM C1227, the outlet filter installing procedures, and installing manhole additions on deep tanks that are already established
• Meetings and training regarding codes
• Installing pump vaults inside of septic tanks
• DEP rules regarding pollution from groundwater
• Detailed five-page letter regarding new approval details about septic tanks and pump vaults, filters, and other technical standards and training

Circular Letter 2000-14 Tank Compliance and Pipe-Filter Approval

Items included in this letter are:
• Lead environmental management
• Registry of authorized encapsulant products and eight revisions for encapsulant product fact sheets
• Regional state lead contact information
• Environmental engineering program
• Compliances regarding septic tanks according to ASTM C1227
• New pipe and filter approval information regarding precast concrete tank companies
• 4” Schedule 40 Ecolotube PVC pipe (ASTM F 1760 :Letter from Regional Engineer, Scott Mills (IPEX, Inc)
• Letter from VP Government Regulations, Theo B. Terry, 111, RS regarding approval of new 8” diameter A100 and A300 series septic tank outlet filters
• Approved Septic Tank Outlet Filters information can be found in Appendix B
• Letter from Carl Thompson, P.E., Infiltrator Systems, Inc. regarding infiltrator ISI 3050 chamber utilized in a gallery configuration
• Notice from the health department regarding septic tank cleanout risers

Circular Letter 2001-07 Sewage updates
Items included in this letter are:
• Updates regarding training
• Updated “Permit to Discharge” form
• Letter about small portable structures regarding Part 19-13-B100a
• Information about record keeping for sewage systems
• Failed septic systems and renovation information
• Continued air flow with septic systems
• Three-page memo about the supervision of apprentices and employees by certified installers and cleaners of septic systems
• Information for homeowners about installing septic systems
• Information regarding homeowners who do not agree with denial of their applications for installation of septic tanks and/or procedures regarding B100a additions, renovations, or co-structures and handling the appeals properly
• Approved polyethylene septic tanks and updates regarding filters

Circular Letter 2001-10 Licensed Day Care Facilities
Items included in this letter are:
• Updates and information confirming that all daycares must have septic and well systems that are designed according to codes and approved by health departments

Circular Letter 2001-17 Training Schedule, Regional Map and Filter Letter

Circular Letter 2002-03 Updates On-site Sewage Disposal
Items included in this letter are:
• Previous training schedule for phase 1 and 2
• Staff members who were replaced
• Assignments for regions that were revised
• Information regarding new septic tank outlet filters that were approved
• Information regarding Part 19-13-B97 that was revised
• MLSS figures made regarding property repairs that were not suitable

Circular Letter 2002-24 Accessory Structures and Non-flow Generating Additions
Items included in this letter are:
• Accessory structures and non-flow generating additions regarding DEP jurisdiction sites
• Manufactured septic fill
• Outbuilding and deck additions regarding Part 19-13-B100a for the Public Health Code amendments about sewage treatment and disposal needs
• Map for CT Department of Public Health subsurface sewage program regional assignments

Circular Letter 2002-25 On-site Sewage Disposal Updates
Items included in this letter are:
• Issues regarding droughts and monitoring groundwater
• Regarding DEP jurisdiction sites and accessory buildings and other structures
• Sewage disposal environmental engineering and staff and region information
• Copy of letter regarding environmental engineering and Gorman Aggregates manufactured select fill
• Rebuilding of houses and other structural additions regarding DEH Circular Letter #99-19 from July of 1999
• A review regarding engineered plan preparation and a review plan checklist
• Design guidelines information regarding septic tank additives

Circular Letter 2003-20 Permit Issuance
Items included in this letter are:

• Compliance with section 19a-200 (b) of general Statutes
• Responsibilities of Supervisors
• General areas of regulation
• On-Site Sewage Disposal
• Food Services
• Water Supply
• Lead
• Radon
• Asbestos
• Housing
• Recreation
• Vector Control/Rabies
• Shellfish Monitoring
• Institutional Inspections (Daycare, Infirmaries, and Schools)
• General Complaints
• Emergency Health Responses
• Information regarding population and recommended hours of supervision per week
• Paragraph (g) covers notes regarding Section 22a-430, previously titled Section 25-54i, regarding permit for new discharge, regulations, renewal, special category permits and/or approvals, limited delegation, and general permit information

Circular Letter 2003-21 Groundwater Monitoring Period
Items included in this letter are:
• Extension of groundwater monitoring period, dated September 8, 2003
• Information regarding professional engineers preparing reports about groundwater conditions on locations that need to be monitored during wet seasons

Circular Letter 2003-22 Wastewater Management Districts
Items included in this letter are:
• Copy of letter regarding sections 140-144 of House Bill No. 6806: Pertaining to decentralized wastewater management districts
• Section 140: The general statutes being repealed
• Acquire a sewerage system
• Alternative sewage treatment system
• Community sewerage system
• Construct a sewerage system
• Decentralized system
• Decentralized wastewater management district
• Municipality regarding metropolitan district, town, consolidated town and city, borough, village, fire and sewer district, sewer district and each municipal organization information
• Operate a sewerage system
• Person regarding person, partnership, corporation, LLC, association or public agency
• Pollutant limits
• Sewerage: Substance, liquid or solid, etc
• Equipment, devices, appurtenance, facility and method for collecting sewerage
• Section 141: General statutes regarding each municipal and water pollution control
• Areas served by any municipal sewerage system, schedule of designs, areas served by any community sewerage system not owned by municipality, and so forth
• Section 142: General statutes regarding
• Any municipality by its water pollution control authority and plans to acquire, construct or operate any new or additional sewerage systems and what has to be considered in the usage of sewerage systems
• Information regarding approval of an engineering report by the Commissioner of Environmental Protection that includes harmony of approvals by the Commissioner of Public Health
• Section 143: Regarding the water pollution authority and what owners of any building(s) that have a sewerage system will need to follow in regards to construction and connection of the systems
• Section 144: Regarding oversights and monitoring duties designed for the DPH according to provisions in sections 140-142

Circular Letter 2004-03 Technical Standards Revision
Items included in this letter are:
• Two-page summary of major revisions to Technical Standards
• Definitions
• Location of subsurface sewage disposal systems
• Piping
• Estimated sewage flows
• Septic tanks
• Distribution of sewage effluent
• Leaching systems
• Groundwater, roof, cellar and yard drainage
• Other forms of wastewater
• Form #2-Site Investigation From-modified
• Appendix A, B, C and D: Modifications to the restrictive layer definition, average depth to restrictive layer information, approved filter fabric and outlet filters

Circular Letter 2005-21 Tank Marking
Items included in this letter are:
• Letter addressed to septic tank pre-casters regarding responsibilities for marking tanks properly, marking pump chambers properly, and greasing interceptor tanks properly
• Septic tank marking section regarding random unannounced inspections to be performed by the Environmental Engineering Program

Circular Letter 2005-22 Well Exception Requests
Items included in this letter are:
• Revised exception request form for wells
• Exceptions guidelines in accordance to Section 19-13-B103d (a) (3)

Circular Letter 2006-29 Groundwater Monitoring
Items included in this letter are:
• Information and letter regarding extension of groundwater monitoring period
• Links to other sites for information regarding groundwater watch, state maps, and water data for water levels per government regulation

Circular Letter 2007-11 Geothermal Wells
Items included in this letter are:
• Geothermal heat systems report from the Department of Consumer Protection and EPA regarding general assembly
• Open loop geothermal systems
• Closed loop geothermal systems

Circular Letter 2007-12 Geothermal Wells
Items included in this letter are:
• Geothermal wells in relation to subsurface sewage disposal systems
• Revisions to technical standards for subsurface sewage disposal systems
• Information regarding open loop and closed loop geothermal systems

Circular Letter 2007-28 Well Exception Notice
Items included in this letter are:
• Regarding legislation that became effective in July 2007 and requires notification of property owners that adjoin properties where a subsurface sewage disposal system installation is going to occur and how far away it needs to be away from existing wells
• Well exception application, in accordance with Public Act No. 07-244 Section 7

Circular Letter 2007-60 DSS Design Flow 
Items included in this letter are:
• Directed toward group homes and community living arrangements: Design flows and technical standards for subsurface sewage disposal systems
• Stipulation in Table No. 4
• Licensing and Certification application

Circular Letter 2008-25 Soils Training   
Items included in this letter are:
• Information regarding previous trainings that were held in the year 2008

Circular Letter 2008-37 Updated Appendix CD 
Items included in this letter are:
• Updated lists of approved filter fabric (Appendix C) and non-concrete septic tanks (Appendix D)

Circular Letter 2008-52 Certification Training     
Items included in this letter are:
• Previous training information of Phase 1 and 2 of sewage disposal certification, July 2008

Circular Letter 2008-67 Well Exception Request   
Items included in this letter are:
• Regarding repair or new construction of a subsurface sewage disposal system in relation to a water sully well
• Well Exception Application included in this letter

Circular Letter 2009-01 Technical Standards Updates    
Items included in this letter are:
• Revisions made to technical standards for subsurface sewage disposal systems, effective January 1, 2009

Circular Letter 2009-01 Revised Technical Standards Updates
Items included in this letter are:
• Revisions made to technical standards for subsurface sewage disposal systems, effective January 1, 2009

Well Exception Form
Items included in this letter are:
• Well Exception Application

Circular Letter 2009-17 Point of Use Reverse Osmosis
Items included in this letter are:
• Letter regarding the disposal of wastewater from reverse osmosis (RO) portable water treatment systems.
• Guidance on point-of-use RO water treatment systems information

Circular Letter 2009-20 Soils Training
Items included in this letter are:
• Previous soils training information from July 2009 regarding CT landscapes, identification of soil, site hydraulics, soils texturing, and field evaluation of soils

Circular Letter 2009-36 Phase 1-2 Sewage Disposal Training
Items included in this letter are:
• Previous programs that were held regarding sewage disposal certification for sanitarians

Circular Letter 2009-62 Plan Review Fees
Items included in this letter are:
• Plan reviews regarding DPH and fees for subsurface sewage disposal systems

Circular Letter 2009-66 Installer License Verification
Items included in this letter are:
• Updates regarding reinforcement of license verifications before issuing of a subsurface disposal system (SSDS) for construction, according to Section 19-13-B103e (f)(2) that stipulates that each person licensed will follow Chapter 393a under general statutes