Inn out, out comes housing proposal

Proposed Wykeham Terrace
Proposed Wykeham Terrace

WASHINGTON, Conn. — When Matthew Klauer bought the former Wykeham Rise School property with his parents and sister for $2.75 million in April, he planned to build a 60-room destination inn and spa with a restaurant, tennis courts and a pool.

After multiple reductions in scope and a rejection by the Zoning Commission, it’s time for Plan B. “The reality is I purchased this and something needs to be here for the good of the town,” Klauer said.

He presented preliminary plans to the Zoning Commission on Monday for a 33-unit, 69-bedroom housing development that includes 10 units that would be offered for sale as “affordable” under the state’s Affordable Housing Appeals formula.

By designating 30 percent of the units as affordable, Klauer can circumvent local zoning regulations except as they pertain to public health and safety.

“We can satisfy every safety and public health concern anybody can think of,” said Klauer’s attorney, Robert Fisher.

Valerie J. Andersen, a Blackville Road resident, called Klauer’s proposal “a revenge application” aimed at pushing through a potentially unwanted project.

Kauer disagreed. “It’s not revenge, it’s reality,” he said. “Something has to be built here.”


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