Howland & Associates Supports Community Culinary School

New Milford Culinary School
New Milford Culinary School

Per Peg Molina, President of the Community Culinary School of Northwestern Connecticut:
“The Community Culinary School job training and placement program is providing culinary and life skills training to unemployed and underemployed members in our community. Our student’s achievements and the response of the food service industry and the community have surpassed our expectations.

We are truly proud of how far our students have come. Upon graduation our students will be prepared for employment in food service positions and we are working with our partners in the industry on job placement for our graduates. The Community Culinary School program is helping our students to gain a better life for themselves and their families and is feeding the community while doing so. Your support will help allow us to continue improving the life situation of our fellow community members.”

Please call Peg at (203) 512-5791 to find out how you an help or visit their website by clicking here!

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