2004 Connecticut Stormwater Quality Manual

The Connecticut Stormwater Quality Manual is a comprehensive best practice manual developed by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. It is intended to provide contractors, engineers and government employees with guidance in regards to issues relating to stormwater, such as mitigation of stormwater impacts and treatment options. It also provides affected parties with information relating to Connecticut regulations and specific geographical factors in Connecticut influencing stormwater runoff.

Stormwater management is critical to local governments and communities. The impact of failing to manage stormwater runoff properly is twofold. Economic damage to property and public facilities can run into millions of dollars if stormwater is not properly managed. The environmental damage created by improperly treated stormwater can last for decades. With proper planning along with a comprehensive treatment and mitigation strategy these losses can be avoided entirely. The manual is a key component in this loss prevention strategy.

The manual provides urban designers with information and statistics to help prevent or minimize stormwater runoff. This includes minimizing impervious areas in community planning, as well as creating urban buffer zones and using alternative street layouts to minimize runoff. The use of vegetation and other natural methods to prevent stormwater runoff entirely are also discussed in detail. It also presents alternative methods of stormwater handling such as using rain barrels or creating dry wells for short term storage of runoff.

For the contractor and engineer , the manual provides a detailed and comprehensive selection of current best practice methods of stormwater treatment, as well as guidance regarding the acceptability of new and innovative treatment methods. Methods of both primary and secondary treatment practices are covered in detail. Connecticut and EPA regulations are considered in relation to maintenance, performance monitoring and inspection of treatment facilities. Sizing criteria of treatment facilities and design examples including the calculations involved for system modeling are provided as well.

The manual also provides model ordinances for local communities, checklists for site management plans and inspections, as well as a list of acceptable vegetation for various stormwater mitigation purposes. The Stormwater Quality Manual is available free of charge by following the link below:

2004 Connecticut Stormwater Quality Manual
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