Conservation Commission & Open Space: Washington, Connecticut (CT)

The Town of Washington Conservation Commission is empowered by Section 7-131a of the Connecticut General Statutes. The Conservation Commission is charged with overseeing issues relative to Open Space in the Town of Washington including providing recommendations to the Town of Washington Planning Commission when a subdivision is proposed. The Conservation Commission will recommend whether the Open Space proposed is suitable and how it is to be preserved in perpetuity.

Washington Open Space Plan
In 2002 and 2003 the Conservation Commission fully developed a plan for the acquisition and preservation of Open Space in the Town of Washington.

Washington Natural Resource Inventory Report & Recommendations
In 2000, the Ad-Hoc Conservation Committee took on the task of providing a resource inventory of various natural and man-made resources that make up the Town of Washington. This document was seen as a planning tool for future development and provides recommendations for future study.

Washington Invasive Plants List
A list of non-native/invasive plant species known to reside in Washington.

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